Louts & Jasmine - Full Bloom Medicinal Spa & Body Care : Body Soak


100% pure and natural ingredients

Body Soak - 2 oz
Dead Sea Salt + Lotus Flower & Jasmine Flower

Treatments: Aphrodisiac, Inflammation, Body Cramps, Skin Moisturizer & Aromatherapy

The Dead Sea is the lowest and saltiest place on earth. Magnesium, zinc, calcium and potassium are just a few of the 21 minerals naturally found in the Dead Sea Salt water.

Lotus Flower & Jasmine Flower: The combination of these healing flowers strongly relaxes the mind body. Both know to be afrodeciacts and to calm the body.

Best used before bedtime or moments of relaxation.

Add Full Bloom Body Soak to tub or basin and soak body for at least 20 min. Pat skin dry, we recommended rubbing Full Bloom Body Oil into skin to seal in moisture and minerals.